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Baum and Associates Focuses on Delivering Results
Baum and Associates provides targeted research and analysis that will provide you with the information you need to make decisions and achieve results.  B and A works closely with you to ensure that the work we provide connects directly to your needs.  Our work is customized so that you can easily move from research and analysis to action.
Our clients include companies both large and small, non-governmental organizations, financial organizations, government agencies, and other entities that interact with the industries we serve.
We can assist you in the following ways:
Automotive forecasting to the specific level of detail (e.g., platform, nameplate, powertrain, etc.) required
Customized market analysis to determine the size and attractiveness of particular customers, 
markets and products
Market analysis in the area of fuel economy improvement including current and future technologies including all forms of electric vehicles and the impact of new approaches in internal combustion engine technology
Providing a U.S. electric vehicle forecast for conventional hybrids, plug-in hybrids, battery electrics, and fuel cell vehicles
Expert witness consulting utilizing our automotive forecasting and market analysis experience.

Featured News and Analysis

December 2012

Fuel economy is continuing to improve and 2013 will offer consumers more choices and some of these improvements are described by clicking here.

For a press release describing these results, please click here.

October 2012

Fuel economy for Model Year 2012 reached record levels.  Click here for an analysis of the factors behind this result.

For a press release describing these results, please click here.