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Suppliers and other industry participants have relied on a detailed forecast of automotive sales and production that has been provided by Baum and Associates’ principal since 1990.

Automotive forecast services

Forecast results are provided quarterly by:

  • Model Year
  • Calendar Year
  • Quarter
  • Month (Vehicles Only)
  • Production Volumes to 2023.

Besides detailed forecast volumes, subscribers also receive:

  • Timing and Nature of Vehicle Updates
  • Vehicle Stop/Start Dates
  • Analysis of Economic and Industry Trends
  • Description of Potential Vehicle Programs and Changes in Product Plans
  • Vehicle Codes
  • Key issues at the automakers
  • Information on potential vehicle programs to allow users to capitalize on opportunities early in the development process is also provided
  • A monthly update on the industry which includes updates on sales, production, and inventory as well as current industry developments regarding the automakers and other key issues relevant to suppliers.

Customized analysis based on client needs is also available.

The forecast is led by Alan Baum with over 30 years of experience. Sources include various proprietary sources, and a wide range of industry data. The results of a mathematical model are supplemented by judgment and experience (a critical component in a very complicated industry) and proprietary analytical tools. Results using multiple scenarios are available to clients in order to understand the differential impact of economic and automotive changes on the vehicle programs they supply.

Samples from the forecast can be viewed: